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Protect the Health of Your Employees

Whether you need a custom playbook that maps out a new process or assistance finding the right healthcare provider to conduct temperature checks, AMN Healthcare can be your all-in-one resource.

Getting the Clinicians Where They are Needed Most

On Bloomberg, AMN Healthcare CEO, Susan Salka, discusses the historic demand for nurses, respiratory therapists and others, and the efforts being undertaken to get healthcare professionals to where they are needed most. She also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic could change healthcare in our country moving forward.

Recently answered questions

How are patient ratios changing with the increase in COVID-19 cases?

Nursing ratios may be higher than usual because of mandated ratios related to statewide executive orders to lift mandated staffing ratios due to pandemic needs. We are starting to see states regulatory bodies give hospitals the ability to go out of ratio with approval.

For example, the California Department of Public Health has given hospitals a way to apply for this quickly, and has outlined the following:

  • ICU — from 1:2 to 1:3
  • Step-down units — from 1:3 to 1:4
  • ED and telemetry — from 1:4 to 1:6
  • Med/surg — from 1:5 to 1:7


While hospitals do have to apply for this, we are seeing it more and more, so travel nurses will potentially work out of ratio but often in team nursing with float RNs or support staff from other departments. You may also be working with a team of healthcare professionals that may include LPNs, MA, CNAs and/or New Grad Nurses. In some health care facilities, Student Nurses (Nurse Externs who have not completed their program) are also supporting patient care services under the supervision of a licensed RN. Travel Nurses may be working in a primary RN or team-based model of care. Please work with your facility Supervisor to delegate to LPNs or unlicensed team members within scope of practice.

For more information, please refer to NCSBN delegation guidelines.

What if my COVID-19 test comes back negative but my facility won’t let me return to work?

While this is an unfortunate situation, it can and does happen due to circumstances out of our control. This is determined by individual facility policies and practices. AMN Healthcare will partner with the facility to determine the first, safest time for you to return to the assignment, assess your current assignment and provide you with potential options and support.

How will AMN handle a Healthcare Professional refusing to go to their confirmed assignment?

The AMN Clinical Manager will internally screen and performance manage the healthcare professional and communicate back to the facility using the AMN Healthcare defined work flow.

The recruitment team will call the healthcare professional and then provide follow-up information to the Account Manager.

The Account Manager will communicate directly to the healthcare facility.

What steps should I take if a Healthcare Professional is refusing to perform patient care?

The healthcare facility/healthcare professional/or internal business partner will notify AMN Healthcare by calling the COVID-19 AMN Healthcare Call Tree during business hours or by calling the afterhours On-Call Clinical Manager at 800-282-0300.

AMN Healthcare will internally screen and performance manage the healthcare professional and communicate back to the facility.

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