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Who do I contact if I have specific questions not answered here?

We have a committed team at AMN that is ready to support you.

Our amazing Recruitment, 24/7 Clinical, Customer Support and Credentialing teams are here for you. We’ve set up a dedicated hotline for healthcare professionals regarding COVID-19. Please don’t hesitate to use the hotline as your starting point. We are ready to help. Please call 800-887-1456.

What if I see a new assignment I want to take? Can I leave my contract early?

While we appreciate that you want to help, your current facility is counting on you to provide much-needed patient care and to fulfill your contract. Leaving your contract early could put your fellow colleagues in a position where they are not able to provide the patient care needed during this crisis. We are here for you as you prepare for your next assignment and we’ll continue to work together on the optimal position for you based on where you’re needed most.

Will I be paid if I am quarantined due to exposure with COVID-19 at my current assignment?

While an AMN healthcare professional is under quarantine due to workplace exposure, AMN Healthcare will provide pay, stipends and/or housing coverage where applicable during the duration of the initial quarantine period. Please connect with your AMN representative on this.

How is AMN managing the rapid changes happening with COVID-19?

AMN is working in partnership with Federal and State resources and following their guidelines. Be assured we are managing and relaying the most up-to-date information with you.

We are keeping apprised of the rapidly-changing health crisis and following the CDC and World Health Organization guidelines very closely. See more information about the status of COVID-19.

Have more questions?

If you are currently on assignment, please reach out to your AMN recruiter for more information.

If you do not have an assigned recruiter, please call AMN at 800-887-1456.

If you are not currently on assignment and are looking to get involved, please fill out this form to get in contact with one of our recruiters.