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States Accelerating Nurse Licensing for COVID-19 Response

TRAVEL NURSES CAN WORK ACROSS STATE LINES FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE Editor’s note: Please visit the following resources for ongoing updates: National Council of…

Don’t Overlook the Interim Leadership Option

The coronavirus outbreak has leaders focusing intensely on navigating the daily crisis, while also exploring ways to avoid setbacks to long-term growth and efficiency…

Doing the Right Thing

Our Values Like all other companies, AMN Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges created by the COVID-19 virus. We feel it is important to share…

Open Talent Marketplace: Casting a Wide Net for Healthcare Professionals

AMN vendor management technology provides a 24/7 portal to connect healthcare facilities, at no charge to them, with a vast network of regional and…

“Where I’m Supposed to Be Right Now” – Traveler Switches Gears during Coronavirus Crisis

By Jennifer Larson, contributor La Shune’ Pradia-Hargrove was excited about her second travel job as a respiratory therapist with Club Staffing. In mid-March she…

Creative Thinking Can Save the Day: Leveraging Skillset and Experience

The typical healthcare professional is anything but typical. In fact, many healthcare professionals have the skillset and experience to work in more than one…

Prevention Tips & Tricks for COVID-19

Tips for better hand washing, effectively covering your coughs, and wearing a mask – who should and when? These topics and more are covered…

Considering Video Recruiting in the Age of Coronavirus/COVID-19

Just as healthcare organizations need additional providers more than ever due to the spread of COVID-19, the same virus is causing travel restrictions and…

Telehealth: A Key Tool in the Fight Against COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to stretch our healthcare resources and our healthcare providers to their limits in the coming days and weeks. However,…

Quick Tips to Expedite Credentialing

In this rapidly evolving and serious time, AMN Healthcare is committed to providing you with the most up to date information and guidance. Together…

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